Welcome to Prime magazine, a market-specific publication aimed at people aged 60+.

Using targeted distribution, Prime has the content and design of a nationally-published title but with localised advertising.

The strategy behind the publication of Prime is based on the identified 60+ and recently retired market. Each edition features celebrity interviews alongside health, travel, lifestyle and culture features.

 People in the UK are living longer – and not only are people living longer, they are healthier and more active than any generation before them.

Today’s retirees and soon-to-be retired have serious spending power. This disposable income, along with advances in healthcare and technology, mean that the 60+ population is enjoying long, fulfilling lives – and the numbers are growing – almost as fast as their income. 

 Today’s over 60s are relaxed about spending their money on recreation, culture, food and household goods - and they continue to be biggest and most enthusiastic consumers of print media. *


*Information collated from a Newsquest readership survey across nine titles in July 2015